Plunger Lubricants – Beads



DPL 252 is a plunger lubricant in bead form for cold chamber pressure casting machines. DPL 252 is a mixture of waxes with special additives.

The beads are available in white and black colour (addition of graphite).

Plunger Lubricant DPL 252 black is the best solution for larger plunger diameters (>80mm). For lower Plungers diameters we recommend our DPL 252 White.

DPL 252 will achieve good life time of plungers and sleeves. Futhermore there is an excellent wetting and lubrication for steel and CuBe plunger.



  • Easy to use
  • Low dosage
  • Excellent Lubrication
  • Excellent Wetting properties
  • Extend lifetime of shot sleeves


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