Release Agent for Thermoplastics



In the big world of thermoplastics, we support our customers with our mold release agents that are specially tailored to their application.

Our semi-permanent release agents based on solvents and water can be used in various manufacturing processes such as injection molding, extrusion or rotary molding.

We can help you to optimize the appearance and quality of your molded parts by choosing a suitable release agent.

You can keep the tool surface clean for longer time and ensure a permanent easy, quick and even demolding process.

Semi-permanent release agents, which form a closed film after the evaporation of the water or solvent and are very resistant and temperature-stable after curing, are used to increase the customer process efficiency by achieving high number of demoulders per application.



  • Individually tailored mold release agents for your application
  • Improved appearance of the manufactured parts
  • Prevents build up on the moulds
  • Increasing your process efficiency
  • Very good release effect
  • Environmentally friendly   
  • Reduction of release agent consumption
  • Excellent price-performance ratio
  • Provides true multiple releases between application


Application range