Permanent Mold Coating



Aquacoat 1984 is a permanent water-based release system and protection coating designed for moulding operations when non-transfer of release agent, high temperature stability, high degree of slip, and abrasion resistance of the release film are important.

Aquacoat 1984  is water thin liquid and ready to use. The release system becomes functional after cure. The release film is micro thin and stable until 400°C.

Aquacoat 1984  adheres to mould surfaces and provides multiple releases with virtually no transfer to moulded parts. Aquacoat 1984  reduces build-up on moulds when applied according to instructions.



  • Water based
  • Easy to apply
  • Provides true multiple releases between application
  • Prevents build up on the moulds
  • Non greasy, non contaminating coating
  • Excellent performance of produced parts (dry, uniform, semi-gloss finish)
  • Universal for all rubber-types


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